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Information Bulletin: Avalon Rare Metals to Sponsor and Participate in the Critical and Strategic Metals Summit in Washington, DC: October 20-22, 2009

October 7, 2009

Avalon Rare Metals Inc. (TSX: AVL) (OTCQX: AVARF) is pleased to announce that it is a sponsor of the upcoming Managing Supply Chain Risks for Critical & Strategic Metals Summit in Washington, DC, October 20-22, 2009. As a sponsor of this event, Avalon is pleased to invite you to attend the summit at a 15% discount.

You can register on the event website by clicking here. To take advantage of this special offer, just enter discount code 098916 (to receive 15% off). This offer ends October 12, 2009, does not apply to individuals already registered and cannot be combined with any other discount.
About the Managing Supply Chain Risks for Critical & Strategic Metals Summit:

Position yourself to profit from the 'rare earth mania' - understand global supply, price and demand outlooks, new resource plays and investment opportunities, and network with mining juniors, investors, analysts and fortune 1000 CPO's. 

Supply chains are only as strong as their weakest link. Thousands of electronics, aerospace, military, automotive, cleantech and renewable energy technologies rely on a range of specialty metals for which there is often no substitute. The supply of many such metals-Rare Earth, Minor Metals, Platinum Group, and Lithium-are in many cases "at risk." Is your company up-to-speed on the availability of key raw materials? Are your risk mitigation strategies robust enough to offset oncoming supply constraints?

Infocast's three-part Summit offers a unique, 360-degree treatment of the challenges and opportunities around what is emerging as a pivotal "hot-button" topic for global high technology industries.  Status and Outlook for Critical & Strategic Metals: Supply, Demand, Risks and Price, the Status and Outlook for Critical & Strategic Metals, as well as the Virtual Hedging For Critical & Strategic Metals: A Tutorial.  Join the inaugural meeting of procurement, supply chain and risk management experts from the electronics, aerospace, military, automotive, cleantech and renewable energy industries as they get detailed briefings from nationally recognized experts on:

  • The outlook for the supply, demand, risks and price of the rare earth metals, the minor metals, the platinum group metals and lithium
  • Today's best practices for critical and strategic metal sourcing
  • Techniques for managing the economic, political and availability risk of these metals throughout your supply chain

Click here, to begin the registration process.
Holiday Inn Georgetown
2101 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20007

About Avalon Rare Metals Inc. 

Avalon Rare Metals Inc. (TSX:AVL, OTCQX:AVARF) is a mineral exploration and development company focused on rare metals deposits in Canada. Its flagship project, the 100%-owned Nechalacho Deposit, Thor Lake, NWT, is emerging as one of the largest undeveloped rare earth elements resources in the world. Its exceptional enrichment in the more valuable 'heavy' rare earth elements, which are key to enabling advances in green energy technology and other growing high-tech applications, is one of the few potential sources of these critical elements outside of China, currently the source of 95% of world supply. The Company is well funded, has no debt and its work programs are progressing steadily. Social responsibility and environmental stewardship are corporate cornerstones.

To find out more about Avalon Rare Metals Inc., please visit our website at or blog at